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The only thing worse than ATDI is their fans

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Anybody , Moderated
This is a community dedicated to the unabashed hatred of the suckiest band ever, At the Drive-in, and its equally horrible spinoff, The Mars Volta (Sparta is okay by us). It doubles as the home base for the CCC - the "Cedric is a Cocksucker Clan". (member list coming soon)

Maintainers: twistedsilence and charnelgaze

Everyone is welcome in this community, ATDI-haters (also known as "smart people with good taste in music") and ATDI fans alike (also known as "fags").

...But be forewarned that if you like ATDI, your opinion will never, under any circumstances, be respected. This is a community where we would have fucking laughed and celebrated when we heard that Jeremy Ward died. We see you ATDI fans as pretentious French mouthbreathing retard faggots, and your posts will be read, out loud, with the appropriate retarded French faggy accent. We take pleasure in having you here in the same way that we enjoy seeing a mentally handicapped dude getting strapped into the electric chair.

Recently the maintainer of this community gained international recognition when he bombarded The Mars Volta with urine bottles during their performance at Endfest. Recorded for posterity, the video can be viewed here:


Enjoy the ATDI-bashing!