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so here it is

Okay, so here it goes.
Im not saying anything for or against ATDI cause personally ive never listened to them and i dont care.
And as for The Mars Volta, yes, they are rather shitty performers.
But one thing i have noticed on this board is that there isnt a smidge of rationality or the slighteset sight of anything except crude humor. Fine by me. Nothing worong with disliking a band and expressing it with humourous insults. I do it all the time.
I just thought it would be interesting shed some light on a few misconceptions and/or misunderstandings that havent been thouroughly examined.
Or at least not outwardly so by anyone on this board.
The first issue being that TMV's lyrics are nonsensical.
This of course can be an accurate statement when the songs are examined individually.
Inertiatic ESP makes absolutely no sense when you examine it as just the song.
But if you didnt know already; TMV's albums are all concept albums, following a linear story with a beginning, middle, and end. So it makes perfect sense that when you take a particular song or set of lyrics and examine them out of context, that of course they would be nonsensical. Almost like the irrational banter of someone who is high on morphine or heroine. But examined within the context of the story that the lyrics are trying to tell (youll need a college level dictionary for alot of the words, heh) the words make perfect sense. One would think that would be obvious. Nothing taken out of context makes complete sense. Like those "you shoulda been there" jokes. Its obviously only gonna be funny to the people who were actually there.
The first full length album is probably the most difficult to scrutinise. Mostly because the better part of the story is told in the fabricated world of a comatose junkie. Its not SUPPOSED to make perfect sense. If youve ever heard the rantings of someone on acid or any other high-grade hallucinogen, their monolouges rarely make any sense to anyone but themselves. And its easy to tell that 3rd through to the 7th tracks all take place within the comatose mind of the main character. The lack of sense is mostly due to the fact that each of those songa are all part of the dreams and adventures going on in his mind. And anyone who dreams and remembers them (which is the better part of you i should imagine) know that dreams rarely make sense once you actually wake up to examine them. And notice that the last three tracks are more clear and descriptive to whats going on. Because they are happening to the main character post-coma. He is awake and fully aware. So the things going on are real and much easier to make sense of. Hence the clarity in the words past track 7 vs the lack of clarity in the earlier tracks. The earlier tracks were all dreams, completely nonsensical except to the main character who is experiencing them at the time.
I gues sthats enough for now. You probably stopped reading after the "shitty performers" part. but whatever, i just had alot of extra time on my hands.

Hope you found this a little bit interesting.

Peace out!
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