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TMV gets pissed on by anti_atdi

So I live in Seattle, and a few weeks ago I find out that Endfest is being held here. Although I previously had a strict policy of not attending a show/music festival that contains more than a 5% consistency of attendants that like, enjoy, or may be inclined to liking The Mars Volta, it was a perfect opportunity to bring my grand plan to fruition. I set out for Endfest, ticket and water bottles in hand.

After waiting for hours, sandwiched between the sweaty bodies of hipster faggots and their girlfriends, The Mars Volta finally took the stage. Little did they know that anti_atdi had been plotting their humiliation for years. I unzipped my drawers and slid my sixteen-inch dong into the first of my water bottles, and unleashed a torrent of piss. As it filled up, I switched my manhood into the next bottle, and the next, and into the last of the four soon-to-be projectiles. After their third song drew to a close, I cried "FOR ANTI_ATDI!" and launched the first salvos of urine onto the stage. Time slowed down briefly as the crowd watched in amazement as the mathematically perfect arc of my piss bottle's sacred flight slammed into the guitarist, breaking open and turning his white shirt into a horrendous shade of dark yellow. Omar, enveloped in a blind rage after being blindsided by a hot, frothy bottle of my urine, smashed his guitar into his amp, interrupting Cedric's seizure dance. I cocked back my arm and sent the next volley of piss missiles into the air, squarely hitting Cedric in the side of the face. My man-lemonade dripped down his chest like melted butter on a Thanksgiving turkey.



Unfortunately I was apprehended by security and thrown off the premises, but no charges were brought against me.

Apparently Cedric has a bounty out on my head. You could be the lucky winner of $100 to $1000, as well as a lifetime supply of The Mars Volta merchandise, if you bring him my severed head. It was also implied that Cedric would allow you to be his friend if you do so, which is only slightly preferrable to developing stage-4 AIDS.

"That's what happens when you decide to build a venue on sacred burial ground." No, that's what happens when you fart into a mic and sell it to hipsters. It's what happens when you make a whole crowd of people sit through a 2-hour fisting of a freestyle jam session that is the musical equivalent of getting your asshole bitten off by a midget. Get a goddamn haircut, hippies. You've been pwned by anti_atdi, through and through.

On a related note, Snakes on a Plane is released today. Go see it, and if you've already seen it, go see it again.
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dude wha the fuck?!!?!?!?!?!? ur a fuckin asshole and i hope you die by drowning in your own piss you fuckin asshole! if u don like their music then leave it alone and go give a blowjob to a hobo or somethin else but jus get on with ur life u fuckin queer! see you in hell motherfucker!
for the record, there are those of us who salute you.
Oh, how wonderful.

1) You are listening to rap and critiquing music.
You fucking lose in every sense of the word.

2) Rap, who's vocal parts harmonize not ONCE with it's bass parts in any given situation...
which holds it's very roots in Jazz with it's predominantly solo-oriented style of musicianship.

Have you noticed how many of TMV's guitar parts don't harmonize at all,
and how often they boil down to being modified jazz?

you're terrible at properly analyzing music,
and yet you're confident enough in your staggering idiocy that you take action against the music that you don't fully understand.

If I had a penny for every time I've heard someone who likes to listen to DMX bash TMV,
I'd shove them all up your ass,
and then at least one homophone of the word "sense" would erupt from the asshole you refer to as a mouth.

3) You are bashing a group of people conforming to a group (hipsters),
and you're supporting VIRAL ADVERTISING (the queen bitch of all conformist groups, and even worse, a conformist group that benefits no being other than the bullshit company whose product is reeling in every one of your domesticated-turkey asses) by hyping limp-dick, razorfuck-Snakes on a Plane.

Does your brain-addled contradictory mindset know NO bounds?

If you could force one fucking neural synapse and stick to a single cohesive opinion for more than 20 seconds,
you might find that you get your ass kicked a lot less in discussions with people with a triple-digit IQ.

4) You have no talent for writing,
and you need to stop pretending to be Tucker Max when you're describing your stories.

If you want to make witty comparisons to enhance the comedic voice and accessibility of your stories,
you have to have SOME intellectual backing to it,
so you don't sound like a complete retard.

You can't make Chardonnay out of shit,
and that whole bile-duct of a story was about as shitty as it gets.
And you're welcome.

SOMEONE had to properly serve you a plate of your own ass with all the trimmings.

I'm surprised I was the first to do it.
Quick correction:

You were listening to Mos Def, not DMX.
I just sort of lump every one-dimensional rapper into one supercategory because they usually never have anything new to sing about.

My apologies if you were thrown by that.
i hate the fucker who did this myself... BUT lemme just say that he likes mos def and hates tmv???? I dont understand.... Mos Def is one of the biggest Jazz influenced rappers out there.... AND is actually PROGRESSIVE as well..... I just dont understand the logic that tmv sux and mos def doesnt???? So from the way that you acted (throwing piss) and the fact that you planned it too im guessing that you have NO LIFE and NOTHING BETTER to do with yourself than to pick out a group and decide you are gonna revolve your life around being a moronic biggot of a group of musical performers. so youre like the KKK of good music right?? Thats basically what you are doing.... and do you realize that the KKK is look down upon as a group of ignorant morons.... well maybe you enjoy being viewed in the same light.
Would I be correct to say that you're pretty furious right now?
Hey, the guy who posted on 12/28 is most decidedly not the guy who posted on Halloween,
because I was the Halloween poster,
and I wasn't even conscious until 4 pm that day.

Thank you, and good night.
But no, I wasn't furious,

just impressed that unquestionable superiority could be feigned with such balls and received so willingly by so many other morons.

If one idiot says somehing undeniably moronic,
I could care less.

It's when stupid people ban together in groups that I get concerned,
because idiocy on such a monumental level could only rise exponentially if 2 or more such fools rallied together to suck each other's dicks and agree with such a bullshit basis for hating something.

It's usually how wars get started, come to think of it.




May 8 2007, 12:46:14 UTC 9 years ago

first off I dont believe you and secondly Mos Def and Snakes on a plane....

that spells it out

get a job
bottle fucker
what a faggot. i bet you wet the bed.
and look he has an ip tracker turned on cause he is scared some derranged fucker will show up at his house at 3 in the morning and cut off his head. :D


September 30 2007, 17:52:15 UTC 9 years ago

how dare you bring AIDS into the equation.
if you'd like to bash a band or it's members do it in an articulate manner, perhaps then you won't seem like an imbecil.
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